We energize the future. Sustainably.

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Become a future energizer.

We are looking for passionate professionals who want to innovate and shape a sustainable future. If you are looking for the chance to develop revolutionary products and ideas, we should talk.


We currently have no job offerings.

However, if you think that PHENOGY is the right place for you, and you have skills, knowledge and experience that could be important to us, don't hesitate to send us an unsolicited application. Simply email all relevant documents to talent@phenogy.com (Lisa). We look forward to reading more about you!

The Work Environment


We offer an environment for employees to thrive, professionally and personally. They shape our products, processes, structures, and culture. As part of an eco-passionate team of experts, you’ll work in a flexible, agile, and caring environment.

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High-caliber team
Work with a highly experienced team of experts, innovators, and investors – internally and externally.
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Agile environment
Work with agility, driven by solutions – yet enjoy flexible hours and a healthy work-life balance.
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Maximized Impact
Work in an environment that offers you real purpose and shape a better and more sustainable future.
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Our Values

Our mindset builds the basis of our company and therefore stands for the way we collaborate. We all share this mindset and whatever we do, they are at the core of it.

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We are eco-passionate entrepreneurs.
We care for profit, people, planet as a unit instead of exploiting anyone or anything.
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We lead by example.
We care and act as role models instead of looking away.
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We live courageously.
We create possibilities in an open space instead of narrowing us down to necessities.
240604 PY Intergrity
We act with integrity.
We stand by what we say instead of making empty promises.
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We truly collaborate.
We thrive through co-creation instead of competition.
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The Recruiting Process

We want to make sure that we are a match. Needless to say, this goes in both directions. We must be a fit for you. And you must be a fit for us. That’s why we created a fair, transparent, and efficient process for candidate selection and hire.

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submission and screening
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Video Interview

with Lisa, focused on work-mindset
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Video Interview

with the hiring manager focused on job fit
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and meeting


How can I apply for a job at PHENOGY?

You can find all available positions on this site under ‘Openings’. Click on the job that suits you, and the job description will open. From there, you will be guided through our application form – including the document upload. We’ll then be in touch shortly.

What if I cannot find the specific job I am looking for?

If you believe you have skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience that will help move PHENOGY forward, we’d like to hear from you. Simply email all relevant documents to talent@phenogy.com (Lisa). We look forward to reading more about you!

What is the working language at PHENOGY?

PHENOGY is an international company. We think, act, invest, and develop on a global scale. So English and German are our working languages.